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ScriptsPortal.com is now accepting submissions to our permanent search engine database. ScriptsPortal.com's own non-pay per click search results database is being built at this time. These results are in addition to our pay per click search results. We also utilize external search engine databases to bring maximum results to our users. Our goal is to build a our own database of good quality and good size so that in the future, we hope to discontinue use of external databases. Now is a great opportunity for you to list your site! It's permanent and inexpensive! Your site must be a webmaster/programming resource (and family-friendly - no gambling or pornography) to be considered for inclusion in our Search Engine For Webmasters and Programmers.

Your website can be permanently indexed into our new database at this time for a one time fee of only $4.95. (Special Price! Limited Time Only!).

How does it work? If your site contains the keyword being searched by a User, your listing will show up under the bidded listings. Search results will be as follows: 1) bidded keyword listings, 2) then your listing and other listings from our own permanent database, 3) then results from external search engine databases will be listed under yours. You will not be guaranteed top keyword positioning, however, you do not have to worry about not being included in the search results since your website is already in our database. You only have to pay once and submission is done once but it's permanent!

To maximize your exposure, we invite you to participate in both our Pay-Per-Click Service and Permanent Link program. Pay-Per-Click helps you get top positioning in our search results. Permanent Link submission guarantees your inclusion in our database permanently.

Thank you for helping build ScriptsPortal.com into a great search engine for Webmasters and Programmers!

To purchase a Permanent Link submission for your site, please select a payment below. We recommend payment by Paypal, your site will be indexed instantly! If you would like to pay by Cashier's Check or Money Order, please click here.

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